If you see marriage problems escalating,

if you are looking for hope,

if your heart is crying out to God to save your marriage,

you are in the right place.

This site is designed to help you find the resources that can save your marriage,

stop a divorce,

and bring you peace.

Bench on trail cropped

But how did you get here?

That is what you keep asking yourself. Despite your best efforts, for one reason or another…a reason you may not comprehend, your marriage is falling apart. Perhaps your mate has walked out the door. Or maybe you have. Talk of separation…even divorce…hovers in the air. Life is not making sense. And you don’t know what to do. As you wind through this labyrinth of confusion, let me walk beside you.

I’ve been there.

And I found hope.

I made it to the other side. Let me be your friend.

Together we may find the sun is still shining.


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Linda Answers Your Most Pressing Questions


What people are saying about Broken Heart on Hold:

“Stunning vulnerability! Linda Rooks may be the most courageous author I have ever read. She takes deep, vague, painful feelings and puts them into words with which you can identify—and find relief. Every gripping story will give you wisdom, encouragement, hope, and a map through the shadowy world of broken marriage. If it were up to me, there would be a law that no man could ever leave his wife without first reading this remarkable book.”

—Patrick Morley Author Founder and CEO Man in the Mirror

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