BrokenHeartCover2The woman who is separated from her husband walks a lonely road—one filled with quiet moments of despair and an almost suffocating fear. Living in a nether world of confusion, she desperately desires understanding, clings to hope, and longs for a caring supportive friend. This book, Broken Heart on Hold, is that friend.

Broken Heart on Hold is an inspirational and encouraging collection of honest and heartfelt messages written by a woman who really does understand—she has traveled the same path in her own marriage. Firmly rooted in Scripture, this book by Linda W. Rooks offers women practical steps for sorting out the emotional and mental chaos of separation as well as the biblical support they need to retain hope, hold fast to God, and trust him for the outcome. Broken Heart on Hold is the friend readers will turn to again and again.      

Table of Contents – Introduction – Chapter 1

New Leader’s Guide for Small Group Study is now available. If you want to help others successfully navigate through the difficult journey of separation, whether it’s a physical separation or one taking place under the same roof, consider leading a small group using Broken Heart on Hold for the study. This new leader’s guide will guide you step-by-step in putting together and leading a small group. The booklet also includes separate guidelines in dealing with a women’s study and a men’s study and helps you better understand how to minister to these hurting people. And, yes, many men, as well as women, do read Broken Heart on Hold and report to me that it has helped them tremendously. If you are interested in starting a small group in your church or home to lend support to separated people, you can e-mail me at The cost of the booklet is $7, plus $1.50 for mailing.

Broken Heart on Hold is in its fourth printing and is now available as an e-book in all major outlets.

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Fighting for Your Marriage While Separated, A Practical Guide for the Brokenhearted, to be published by New Growth Press.  Watch for the release date on Linda’s Broken Heart on Hold Facebook Page.  Or sign up for Linda’s newsletter

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