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“Stunning vulnerability! Linda Rooks may be the most courageous author I have ever read. She takes deep, vague, painful feelings and puts them into words with which you can identify—and find relief. Every gripping story will give you wisdom, encouragement, hope, and a map through the shadowy world of broken marriage. If it were up to me, there would be a law that no man could ever leave his wife without first reading this remarkable book.”

—Patrick Morley    
Founder and CEO    
Man in the Mirror     


“For the person who is hurting from a broken marriage (or one who is counseling,) this book offers solution and hope.  Linda Rooks has been there and gives daily practical steps toward a healing heart and possible reconciliation in a marriage.”

—Vonette Z. Bright    
Campus Crusade for Christ, International 


“Linda Rooks has written a compelling book about surviving marital separation.  She knows from personal experience, how lonely and lost you may feel if you are separated. Linda comes alongside the reader and walks them, step-by-step, through the dark valley and toward The Light to bring hope and healing to the brokenhearted. Broken Heart on Hold offers practical information, Godly instruction, and compassionate guidance that will help you through this uncertain time. Written in small sections, you can read as much as you need at your own pace. Broken Heart on Hold would also be a thoughtful gift for a friend in need. As an expert on marriages in crisis, I highly recommend this book!”

—Nancy C Anderson    
Marriage expert    
Award-winning author of    
Avoiding the Greener Grass Syndrome: How to Grow Affair Proof Hedges Around Your Marriage    


“When people are desperate for answers knowing where to find the right resource is like oxygen to the soul. Broken Heart on Hold, Surviving Separation is a proactive approach to bring emotional healing to complex relationships. Linda W. Rooks has mapped a strategic way to bring hope and insight to help people know how to respond in strength.  She has found the answers to help unravel the most complex problems that impact couples facing divorce. These strategies will work to save marriages and somebody you know needs this book today!”

Dwight Bain    
Nationally Certified Counselor    
Certified Family Law Mediator    
Author of Destination Success    


“Linda Rooks has written captivating stories of stark reality, yet they are embedded with God’s healing and hope. This book is for people who discover the home they thought they had is now gone, and they are wandering in the wilderness toward an unseen promised land.  Filled with practical insights and written with almost poetic devotion, you will gain strength and help in time of need. Broken Heart on Hold is essential reading for those who are wondering if they should give up.  The answer is well, read the book.”

—Dr. Joel C. Hunter
Senior Pastor
Northland – A Church Distributed
Orlando, Florida


“Women going through a painful divorce or separation are sure to feel a hug of encouragement as they read Broken Heart on Hold!  Linda truly understands the emotional roller coaster of a gut wrenching separation and shares practical insights and Biblical wisdom that will give hope to weary hearts even if reconciliation doesn’t occur.  The easy to read format also makes a great daily devotional.”

—LeAnn Weiss    
President of Encouragement Company    
Best-selling Hugs (TM) author    


“Broken Heart on Hold is an excellent resource for women experiencing the complex and heart-wrenching trauma of separation. With Biblical inspiration Linda Rooks offers strength and nuggets of hope to those caught in marital limbo. This resource reveals how God brings purpose to our pain.”

—Laura Petherbridge    
Author of    
When Your
 Marriage Dies-Answers to Questions About Separation and Divorce    


“We have been married for 47 years and have been involved in marriage ministry for over 30 of these years, having served in the Sponsor Couple program for engaged couples, Worldwide Marriage Encounter for couples with with good marriages”, and Retrouaville, a program for couples in struggling marriages. During that time we have been privileged to experience much insight into marriage, both through our own experience and in sharing with others. We know that the recovery process involved in renewing a troubled marriage often follows a painful and tortuous path, requiring dedication and commitment from both spouses. Linda Rooks has done a brilliant job of describing and detailing the process of recovery from the brink of marital disaster. Linda effectively chronicles the pain experienced by both spouses and shows that the presence of God on the journey provides the hope necessary to persevere. While the information is presented primarily from a women’s point of view, the book offers much insight of benefit to both spouses. While we are not speaking on behalf of any ministry, we personally believe that the book would be a valuable resource for all couples, no matter what their current situation happens to be.”

Pat & Roger Bate    
Former International Coordinators    
Retrouvaille International